Potipher Guitars, Handbuilt in England

Re-designing the tree!
Re-designing the tree!


Since taking up the guitar in 2001 (abit of a late starter!), I had made a number of electric guitars, but always thought that the idea of building an acoustic guitar (let alone one from scratch) was beyond me.

In 2012 I started to study how to build my own acoustic guitar, ......... & so began this real journey of learning, discovery, & creation! I realised that I could seriously give this a go! ......also, the quality of guitar I wanted to build, would certainly be beyond my means to go & buy from a shop, or luthier!

So, during the spring & summer of 2012 I began to source the best wood I could afford, to build my dream acoustic guitar.

I adapted plans as I went along, using my engineering experience to develop my ideas, & method of additional construction. As the days & weeks passed I was slowly realising my ideas in wood, as well as having to make all the jigs & tooling as I went along, ........each stage was pure pleasure, building something totally from scratch, working with lovely quality woods, & quality old steel planes & chisels, .......there is something very satisfying in shaping wood, & bending with heat & water!

What started out as a personal challenge, has turned into a driving passion of mine, the sense of satisfaction experienced in creating & producing a fine instrument that fires most of the senses, ......something visually striking, so tactile, the smell of the natural woods & polish, the very resonance even when speaking close to it, is amazing, ......it has a an infinite amount of songs, sounds & tunes waiting to be plucked, strummed & released to the pleasure of our ears.

The whole experience since embarking on my first build has been a true gift, .... learning new skills along the way, & helping to turn someone else's dream into reality - and that, will provide pleasure for a lifetime & beyond.